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LightningCash Gold Faucet

Faucet Status:

Balance: 0 LightningCash Gold
Already paid: with 0 payouts

How many payments are currently staged: 0 payments.
How many payments are left before they are executed: 1 payments.
Payments will be done after 1 staged payments or automated hourly.

You can get free LightningCash Gold every hour.

Copy string to donate LTNCG to the faucet (LTNCG's donated go directly to the faucet wallet to support circulation)


Buy the Faucet Devs a Coffee ☕

BTC: 3JdmR98nSMQ1LzPKnt4UmzJtvjDqYMmUqc
LTC: MQZggyqdPWnFJ5MkuLoS57J9cVZe7NpYGe
ETH: 0xBFEb7551AeddA52c004C8d08Ec2Ca7c83DDb94c6
BYND: BJbWzr9aZmTGXfpmjRfVBhnLxwSoSpm4Ac


This faucet is dry! Please donate some LightningCash Gold to keep it running.